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The Open Access Program allows healthy patients (No Significant Gastrointestinal Symptoms) to skip the office visit and receive the potentially life-saving procedure.

What are the Open Access candidate qualifications?

  • Patients with strong family history of Colon Cancer.
  • Patients between the age of 50-74.
  • Weight of 350 lbs and under.

What are the Pro’s of the Open Access Program?

  • Receiving a Screening Colonoscopy and skipping the inconvenience of an initial office visit.
  • By eliminating this office visit, the qualified patient saves time AND a co-pay.
  • For Referring Physicians, this program encourages undecided patients; to go ahead and schedule the procedure.

How does the Open Access Program Work? It’s Simple!

  • A referral form is completed and sent to Digestive Diseases Gro up. The form is then reviewed and the Open Access Team will contact the patient to set up procedure and/or office visit.

Participation in the Open Access Program is contingent upon pre-procedure insurance approval and medical history.

Please print, complete and fax your Open Access forms to 469.800.6011.

If you are a new patient to Digestive Diseases Group or if you are a patient of Digestive Diseases Group that has not been seen in over (1) year and would like to pre-register, please fill out our Open Access Colonoscopy Form and fax to 469.800.6011.

Coverage of Colonoscopies Under Affordable Care Act : What You Need to Know

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